Spring Ruby Plumcot

Well since I went out this afternoon and snapped some pics of my Nadia fruit, I figured I’d take a picture of my Spring Ruby Plumcot that I got from The Arboreum this spring. I really like the looks of it since it is different with the leaf color starting off as purple and slowly turning to green as some other red fruit trees do. It looks like it is going to be a couple of years at least before I can report on it’s fruit. I doubt if you can tell from the picture angle but it is currently 48" to 50" tall from the existing ground level.


Curious for an update on your Spring Ruby. Has it fruited yet?

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Last week I purchased a couple of plumcots in Hood river, Oregon for tasting. I was impressed at the taste. Has your plumcot begun to fruit yet? I am looking for others who are growing it succesfully.
Kent, wa

What variety were the Plumcots?

Sales person did not know it.