Spring satin plumcot 2017


We are 3 weeks early this year at least. I lost alot of the flower buds on pluots and apricots, in fact most have almost no flowers at all. A couple of the younger pluots have a decent amount, not quite sure what happened. Peaches and nectarines look fine, and of course the spring satin is loaded, they really are a great choice for the midwest. Anyone else having issues

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My Spring Satin has a few flowers here and there and is struggling to break dormancy, I think due to lack of chill. My Byron Gold is about done blooming and has set a nice crop.


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Mine has had a pretty half ass bloom as well I’m sure due to lack of chill. I’ll get some fruit though I think. How do like the Byron Gold?

I am not a huge fan, got it just to have a yellow plum. It has good disease resistance and fruits reliably but it is a firm plum that never gets very sweet and almost has a slight dry astringent taste.

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beautiful, thinking about getting one myself

My SS is in full bloom, but the weather is fluctuating so much, the insects are not out to pollinate anything. Spraying is going to be very tricky this year.

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I would recomend it. Not quite as good as flavor supreme pluot, but close, you have to let them fully ripen on the tree. Very reliable tree, great taste, clean fruit, very early. Everyone who has tried them off my tree, has really liked them.

Polonization is gona be tricky here for apricot and plum. Not many polinizers out this year. Last year the trees looked alive

Had a pretty good fruit set for my spring satin this year. I just grafted last year so will probably only keep a few fruits.


Well we had the big freeze here during bloom of almost everything, the only plum/pluots of mine to have fruit are spring satin 4, simka plum 6, splash pluot 1. I ate a spring satin today, it was very good , this is one everyone should grow. So good and so early