Spring Satin Tree

Last year I posted pictures of my Spring Satin harvest. I had requests
for pictures of the tree, but at the time the tree was netted. So this year,I decided to take pictures of the tree right after pruning, then with the netting. I have to prune the tree fairly heavily in order to accommodate the netting. The pvc pipe is 10 ft. tall and the netting is 30x30. It’s hard to tell, but the tree is loaded with fruit and is just about ready to begin picking. Last year, I picked well over 100 lbs. from this tree and this year looks to be no different. The tree is 11 years old and gets no fertilizer nor watering. And yes KDL came through for me again, as we had back to back nights of 23 degrees, with the tree in full bloom.


I see your figs are also netted. Very nice setup.

I like your hooped netting - you must buy lots of nets!

You’ve got a beautiful tree. Makes me want one now!

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Thanks, I have to net all of my in ground figs, in order to keep
the birds from stripping them clean

I think I’m American Nettings favorite customer.

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It’s the best pluot/plumcot I’ve ever grown.

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Did they take a few years or more to bear fruit like most fruit trees? I have a SS in its 2nd season now. Lots of growth. No flowering at all this year.

Yes, just be patient. This is a SPECIAL tree, well worth
the wait. I have to net it every year, because it’s the first tree
to ripen in my orchard, and the birds can’t wait to get to it.


Here is mine.Do the fruit make the tree look small?It’s a bench graft done a couple years ago and this time two were left on to see what happens.
Some scions were added to an Asian Plum and will most likely produce in 2020.bb


Looks fine to me, but it’s time get it out of that pot and into
the ground.

I grafted this chickasaw plum tree over to SS in early March then had to re-graft it in late March after my dogs decided parafilm tastes good. It has grown super fast! For reference the welded wire I have around it is 3’ tall and the rootstock was cut to about a 6" stub before grafting. I’m very excited about this one. Thanks, @rayrose!

Close up of the scion



If only there was more space.:thinking:Maybe a bigger container for now.bb

Hey Ray,
Beautiful tree, and great job with the net. :+1: