Spring Satin

Getting to like this variety although it is also limited by late cold weather. I grafted this tree/scion a few years back and this is it’s first fruit. It is about golf ball size and I think it will be ripe soon. No disease issues yet.


I love it, it’s delicious… too bad I lost all of my crop of it to the late freeze.

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I liked it the few times I got any

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I have 1 on my tree. I think it’s taking the year off or i need to prune for some new wood. They are great for early season fruit. Don’t pick too early.


I was thinking that it should be picked when it starts to soften. Would this be too early?

Nice looking fruit. I grafted Spring Satin this year. Looking forward to fruit.

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This year, I had my smallest crop ever. I don’t think we had enough chill
hours, as we never had a real winter.

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