Spring signs!

It’s 54 degrees here outside Philly, went for a walk looking for spring signs ( I know I know groundhog said 6 more weeks of winter) but one can hope.
Found these two babies. First one is a garlic getting ready sprout. And then snowdrops of course.
If you are tired of winter and looking for spring in your yard, do share when you find it!


I’m in Philly right now and haven’t seen any signs of spring yet. Hoping all this warm weather doesn’t cause my trees to start flowering like they have the past two years.

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My trees are all dormant right now too. I had to look hard to find those two signs. But with all the rain we’ve been getting and upper 50’s and low 60s next couple of days I think we’ll be seeing more signs of spring. But I agree with you, hopefully trees won’t wake up. It isn’t over yet.

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Not far south from you (Wilmington, DE), I am seeing significant bud swelling on my Flavor King, Flavor Supreme and GeoPride. I am praying for the blossoms to be saved…


It is so nice to have a break from cold weather. On the fruit side we have only one day of cold in the seven day forecast, every thing is sleeping… for now

I used to love warm spells in the middle of the winter; unfortunately, not any more… Growing fruit trees have changed me forever! :blush::disappointed:


Yes they are so nice , I go out and enjoy looking at my trees but no doubt too many warm days is bad news for trees

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Uh oh. That’s my cue to cut scionwood.


Saw my first Robin yesterday.

Green tips of the daffodil stems pushing up out of the leaf litter.


Driving home tonight, I saw several froggies hopping across the road, seems a bit early for them. I heard a few when we got home.

But it was near 60 today, and also forecast for tomorrow. And then next week we might have a couple days near 70! Seems like the trend is a bit warmer lately, altho it’s supposed to dip down in the 20s this weekend. It’s been very rainy this month, but thankfully not a lot of snow. So far our worst snow was about 3in.

I checked out a couple of my two year old peaches, a Coralstar and Redhaven, they both have what looks like swelling buds, hope they’re not fruit buds. All the other trees still look asleep.

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My flavor supreme graft from last year


We hit 82 today! reality sets in tonight as a cold front comes and knocks us back down to the 40’s tomorrow. 60’s this weekend and next week so I bet buds will start swelling soon.


Sap is flowing up here in Maine, pruning bit by bit, gathering scionwood, ordering seeds, just a little over another month of winter. There’s part of me that wants spring, another part that knows the longer the trees sleep the better off things will be…


We’ve had plenty of chill hours for this winter! Just always worried about late frosts and spring buds.




I heard a lot of frogs singing for a few days now. My winter jasmine and forsythia are really blooming. It’s definitely spring here; I just hope it stays spring then!


I need to cut mine too. It’s still icy here with six inches of snow on the ground but we have two warm days with rain coming that will be in the fifties. My buds are swelling on my peach tree that I have in my garage.

My peaches are at pink tips and my probably-an-apricot is at popcorn. The plums are swelling and the daffodils and iris are up and leafing out but not yet bloomed. We have a slight chill today then back into the 70s with tons of light rain.

It had better be an easy March or there will be much profanity and gnashing of teeth.


We had a lot of bitter cold here. Occasionally a few warm days. As much as I want mine to wake up I hope they hold off for another month. We notoriously have late freezes that get my flowers. Pretty mild weather coming up though so I imagine I’ll start seeing some swelling.

Mulberry with leaves. Flowering Anna apple, Ouchita blackberry first year growth. I’m guessing from reading all this growth is where I’ll get berries this year? Fig,peach, elderberry all coming to life!! Paw paw too…IMG_20180217_130029|562x1000