Could be coming - Ma spotted the first two robins of the year this morning, and suddenly the apricot buds seem bigger - pregnant with meaning as well as with the potential for fruit. I am so ready to get going!

We do seem to have a storm moving in tonight and a few more days of lows in the teens, but we’re definitely grading in the right direction.


Here all of my buds are swelling and my two new trees have leaves about to sprout. There is nothing like the feeling of Spring. I so love it. Anticiptation of what can happen in my gardens that is all good.


I don’t like my weather pattern these next 10 days at all. After being in single digit, the teens and 20’ for most of Feb, it will be 40 tomorrow and 50 on Wed and high30 and low 40 after that.

With such high, trees will wake up but we still have the whole month of March for sudden freeze.


Here in North Texas we already had trees starting to awaken when last weeks storms came through. I lost all the Anna and Golden Dorset blooms. One pear tree was starting to swell so I suspect that I have lost a couple blooms from there, but hopefully not all. Things are looking decent for the 10 day, and March is usually not too bad for us. average last day of Frost is March 16th here, so i am hoping to get my leafy greens out into the garden in a week or two.


Normally my stone fruits are in full bloom. This year we had a cold February and they are just at bud swell or closed blooms. We are mow expecting warm weather so things will bust but the two week delay should really help. We can still get cold weather or hard frost any time in March.

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Fully dormant in Northern NJ. My very small honey berry plants currents and gooseberries are still burred under snow. But warm enough for rain to day. and outlook for temps in the 50’s.


We had 8" of snow today, and we’re getting more tonight. Thurs night is forecast to be 9F, and we’re usually 4-5 degrees colder than the forecast. Not feeling very springy here…


A week ago the high was zero for the day. Today’s projected high is 70. Crazy.

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That is scary - good luck!