I’m trying to find a relatively cheap and portable irrigation solution for my garden. Someday I’d like to do trip irrigation, but with my current physical ailment (broken foot) , and budget situation, my best bet this year is probably just a sprinkler that can be easily moved around. Yes, and certain years, I hardly have to water at all. I’m not in a climate where I need something that’s on a timer to come on at the same time every week.

I can go weeks on end without having to water much of anything, and then I might have a three or four week stretch where I barely get a drop of rain.

Right now, I use an oscillating sprinkler mounted on an overturned wastebasket, so that it throws high enough to get over the height of plants. I find that it jams up, the admitters clog, and sometimes the thing stops oscillating.

pulsating sprinklers, in my experience, put out so little water, that by the time they come back around again, the first round of water has evaporated. I remember my father using one and having to run it nine hours to put out an inch of water.

Some of the stationary sprinklers are actually interesting, but it looks like they put out a very uneven water pattern, to where stuff around the outside of the perimeter gets 2 to 3 times as much stuff as near the center.

Any ideas?

How large of an area are you trying to irrigate? What is your water pressure? Pulsating sprinklers put out plenty of water at 60 psi and two of them can be daisy chained to get additional coverage.

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Drip style doesn’t have to be complicated, you can run a single piece of black tubing around the perimeter of your garden (or half of it) and get sprinkler heads on stakes that attach to it. This has the added benefit of needing only to be turned on at the hose and then turned off. You can lay the tubing right on the ground and cover it with mulch if you don’t like looking at it.


50’ x 50’

We run about 45-50 psi