Sprouted Apricot seeds

2 months ago I bought some great apricots at the market. I stratified the seeds for 2 months and low and behind they all sprouted. So now it’s august and I’m unsure what to do with them. Should I plant them all in a single pot and then move to seperate pots once they start growing? Can I use my standard 5:1:1 media? Limited sunlight? Should I let them go dormant this fall? Or should I keep them inside and let them grow all winter?

You certainly don’t want to separate/move them after they start growing. You can plant all in one pot but only separate them when dormant. I’d pot in the 511 mix and grow them outdoors until they lose their leaves. Then protect from cold like in an unheated garage for winter.


Thanks. Sounds like a good plan. Not sure how much growth I can get by fall but I’ll try it. Early next spring before leaf out I’ll seperate them and plant them

Sorry to resurrect this thread but the time has come for me to decide what to do with these. They did not grow much at all. They are in small 4" pots and they are only 4"-6" tall. I probably left them in the small pots too long. Regardless, the leaves have turned with the seasons and have pretty much fallen off. I can place these in my unheated garage for the winter but I wondered if I might be able to actually plant them in their final spot. Even at this small size? Will they be too fragile and get killed by the cold? Maybe put a hardware cloth tube around them to protect them from critters.

Maybe to be on the safe side I’ll put 4 of them in the ground and leave 4 in the garage.

What do you think?

4 and 4 sounds like a good plan. My guess is they’ll do better planted than in the garage. That’s assuming they’re well protected from vermin.

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