“Sprouting broccoli”

Is it the same as broccolini? How do you use it?

Broccolini is basicly the same as Broccoli Raab. http://www.territorialseed.com/product/sorrento-broccoli-raab-seed as for how to use it. What a tough question. Basicly I treat most broccoli and (Bok) Choy the same. So I might sauté It in sesame seed oil the add ginger and soy sauce. The only difference is I change how I cook it based on if its, leafy, stemy or heady. Broccolini and choy sum are very stimy image

so they hold up very well to pan frying so just in the oil add the flavor.
on the other hand white stem bok choy you have to let that boil off before you can flavor it. but if you have it over crowded you will boil it to mush before you can get the water off.

Not as much a problem with baby bok choy or the green stem type


Finaly heady like broccoli I would steam drain and then stir fry. I would likely use less soy sause because there is more surface area to hold flavor.


Broccoli rabe is something you should parboil before frying, to take some of the bitterness out. You can get it in the grocery stores around here when it’s in season out in California, but home-grown is far better since it’s so tender.

The stuff in your link doesn’t look like broccoli rabe. It appears to be broccoli that doesn’t form large heads.