Spruce, fir and pine

Hi, I was wondering where you all order your evergreens from. I’m interested in getting 2-3 y-old transplants of the following:

White pine
European Larch
Canadian Hemlock
Norway Spruce
Frazier for
Balsam fir

I usually buy from land and water conservation. Some of the listed varieties aren’t always available.

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give me a holler next spring and i can dig you most of those from woods nearby. i planted 2 hemlock in the back yard. they’re slow growers but worth the wait. the most beautiful evergreen in my opinion. could get you some white cedar also. another good hedge tree. great smell! only one i don’t have here is frazier. if dug in gravel theres minimal damage to the roots. check out cold stream farm. they have a lot of species and great prices if you want a lot of trees. musser forest products also.

These are the two nurseries I ordered from most:




Where are you located?

northern maine.