Spy Gold Apple

Ate one today from a graft that took unusually long to bear fruit. Big branch and only about 20 apples.

When I started growing apples here in S. NY a quarter century ago I used to read very positive reviews of this apple and though I grow it at another site, I don’t think I ever ate one before that was truly ripe.

Lots like Honeycrisp when HC actually reaches the quality that made it famous- not the huge cell crunchy but very crunchy with deeper sugar than HC although topped off with enough acid from spy to make it a connoisseur’s type apple- one that doesn’t only like tart apples.

Jonagold can also resemble HC a great deal on good years with lots of sun and not too much rain from mid-summer on. But the Jonagold on my tree, and I have 3 strains of it on that tree, isn’t as good as the Spy Gold I ate today.

At the other site SG has been susceptible to rots the way Honeycrisp is and at my site Jonagold is also. This year I used some foliar manganese which may have helped. Both Jonagold and HC had mostly sound fruit that stuck to the tree.


Spigold has become a surprise favorite here. Our graft of it on a mature tree was also slow to bear, but now fruits heavily and produces huge apples. It’s really good for fresh eating, especially for such a big fruit. I haven’t tried cooking any yet, but will shortly as we have plenty.

Glad I planted one but it’s on m111 so since it’s slow I’m not expecting anything for 6-7 years. Hate the wait, but I’m sure I will appreciate it on m111 eventually.

Just throw a graft on a producing tree- it will probably take 3 years form that point if you keep the branch close to horizontal.

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Yep, that was my experience.

Spigold was a tough apple for me to take out, I absolutely love the flavor of it. But it is more prone to rot than your average apple and I was getting too much rot on it. I think Oliver will have to be as close as I can get to Spy flavor in my climate - it is bulletproof.

Round rot spots? They have always been susceptible here at mine and the other site I grow it. N. Spy has the same vulnerability so I blame its genes. At the right sites N. Spy does just fine, so I wonder if Spy Gold may also be variable to site.

Of course I usually get the same round rots on Honey Crisp and Jonagold and on Jonagold, also corking.

This year along with my usual fungicide protocol I included foliar manganese based on a fairly convincing article I posted here that claimed it would stop excess K from blocking calcium absorption.

It may have worked, because it’s the first year since my two HC trees first started bearing when most fruit ripened properly without rot- as did Jonagold and the few Spigold the grafted branch set.

At another site I even used a control and a Fortune that got the manganese set a much higher proportion of sound fruit than one that didn’t.

Right, round rot spots. I used to know the name of that rot but don’t recall now. Many apples have big problems with that, I took out several dozen with that problem. Akane was the absolute worst, almost all got it.

Seems to me the symptoms are often all you need to know to address them.

Botryosphaeria species, I’m thinking black rot. Are you talking about something else?