Square yard planter box gardening

Some people are into the square foot gardening fad, I prefer square yards!

Inspired by the recent posts from @amh0001, I plotted out my vegetable and herb gardening beds for this year.


Here in the land of rain and humidity planting all those Solanaceae in one spot would be the makings of a crop failure from early blight or bacterial spot. So count yourself lucky! :wink:

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Those issues can happen here too, but I take preventative measures. :slight_smile:

Nice Richard. Love organization almost as much as gardening, LOL.

Pray tell. Sweet potatoes in 1 sq yard? Melons in 1 sq yd? Are you growing upwards or using bush or compact varieties?

And how do you use the European Licorice?

Are you not a fan of garlic or ginger? Early expereinces with galangal find it wonderfully aromatic but a little numbing to the taste. I need to try it more.

Haha ‘King Richard’ leeks, made me laugh, of course.

Love the cylindra beets - so easy to process. Tried the other novelty kinds but this is a good ‘bread and butter’ variety that does well for me.

Nice encouragement.

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Cannot wait to see how this garden will look when the plants are in!

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I prune them :slight_smile:

It’s a new adventure for me! I hope to harvest a few tubers per year and make Australian style licorice candy.

They are plentiful at the stores here.

You’re correct about the strength of Galangal! Very little is needed in cooking compared to the “standard” variety.

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