Staking dwarf trees with one post - will it work? (Pictures)

All my knowledge about staking is from vegetable starters. There you want to keep the seedling upright, but in the same time let it move a little under airflow, to promote stronger roots. Is the same idea applicable for young apple trees? I came up with some construction that involves one post, allow the tree to move in adjustable tie, but prevents it from falling down when it will be a lot of foliage and a lot of wind. Do you think it will work? Pictures bellow.

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I’ll be interested to hear the responses from knowledgeable folk since I have the same question. I used one stake each for my two dwarf apples, and the setup isn’t as stable as yours.

Same basic concept as the Tree-Mate-O, except that the latter cushions the tree with an elastic band that permits some limited movement. I’ve used quite a few of these in my windy hillside orchard, and they’ve worked well for me. They’re not really intended for permanent stabilization of dwarf trees, though. I’m using them with MM111 apples and Lovell peaches until they get well-anchored and able to withstand the wind on their own.

Any explanation why it will not work on mature dwarf tree?

Probably depends on how much wind you get. The tall spindle method trains the tree to a single cordon usually supported with a single stake, but you usually use a top wire to steady the stake and link trees together for support. If you get a lot of wind you may need some braces.


I dont see a problem with the bracket. Question whether the stake is substantial enough to hold a tree with a full crop load in a stong wind.

Arguably, though, when it’s small it’s probably better to be loosely anchored like that for the reasons given, than tightly anchored. It will grow slower vertically, but thicker. At least, I’d expect it to.

That will work. Having some movement won’t make the tree stronger, IMO. I even question if having a lot of movement makes the tree stronger. But that’s another story.

You don’t need any kind of contraption to stabilize a tree with one stake. Just take a strip of old towel torn into strips about 4-6 inches wide and 3+ft long, ie tear up an old cotton towel. Wrap it around the tree in the same location as above, ie near the top of the post. Now twist the towel until the twisted part is near the post. Tie the loose ends around the post. Presto a well anchored tree. It doesn’t need adjustment if not tied too tight. Has never failed to stabilize mine for several yrs. And it has some movement if that makes one happy.

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Thanks all!

You’d have to replace the elastic band every year or two, and if it grew larger than about 3 inches in diameter, there’d be little room for movement and you’d have to cut the ring to get it off. (There’s a 3-inch section which snaps out to allow removal.)

Ah, you talking about Tree-Mate-O. My cage can be adjusted - I will just need longer bolts.

Sorry - I thought that you were replying to my post about it.

It’s an ingenious construction and I think it will work (even though fruitnut’s method which is quite simpler will probably work as well as yours). Please make sure that plastic labels do not girdle the tree as it grows. For example, you can put them on the supporting post instead of the tree.

Already replaced labels to the post, thanks!