Stark Bros has two new trees for sale this spring

The two new trees they are offering are an apricot and an Asian pear.

Twocot apricot
Twocot apricot USPP24933 Info

Peggy Asian pear
I was not able to find a direct link of this based off the name and no info for patent at Starks. Bought one of these for spring delivery.

I just noticed this last night. The apricot looks very interesting. I’ve never heard of it before…

The Twocot is new to their market, but will it be good?

“The objective of the planned hybridization was to develop a new P. armeniaca variety having ** firm white flesh that would tolerate commercial manipulation during harvest** and organoleptic qualities that would satisfy consumers.”

Also, does " self-incompatible flowers that bloom late relative to other apricot cultivars," mean that getting them properly pollinated can be tricky? The pollination chart shows that bloom partially overlaps with Robada.

If they were developed for commercial markets, why are they being marketed to home growers instead?

I think I’m just suspicious of anything that is advertised. Should descriptions like these in the plant patent page raise questions, or am I just in an overly negative frame of thinking?


I think you’re asking the right questions, Muddy. I’m suspicious of the way fruits, veggies, and seeds are marketed too. But It’s nice to see another white apricot being offered. And a firm one at that. I’d consider trying it out if I hadn’t already ordered a Lasgerdi Mashhad and a Moniqui from Arboreum … though they still haven’t cashed my check or responded to any of my emails, so who knows if that’ll happen.

Could be garbage…could be good…i may order one. I have Moniqui…hopefully it fruits this year. The whites interest me since i’m not overly fond of orange fleshed apricots (after a few i’m good for the year!).

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What??? That’s blastphamy or something like that if I could only spell.


Its true. I can eat maybe a dozen and then i just can’t eat them anymore. Maybe its a texture thing … I’m weird…

Pluots, plums, peaches and nectarines i can eat no problem…

I’ve also got no issues with Ben & Jerry’s ice cream :slight_smile: - 8 mo storage!

My Gurneys “Nectacot” should fruit this year…have no idea what to expect but the tree looks great.

Did the Bill’s Nectar Peach Cot ever grow out from that scion wood?Mine started to,but fizzled,so I’m ordering some more. Brady


So it was you who bought the last Lasgerdi Mashad. Beat me to the punch!

Whether it be pruning or purchasing, Matt, growing fruit is not for the indecisive.


When I bought the first trees for my property a long time ago I ordered everything from Stark’s and had cut down every one within a few years. Back then they just didn’t care what they sold to any region in the country and their varieties didn’t do well for me in the northeast. All of their apricots I tried failed here and died without my help. Never got a single piece of fruit.

I have bought trees from them since that have worked out fine, but not based on their recommendations. I wouldn’t purchase anything from them not proven in my region.

The ;quality of their trees is relatively good for a mass market nursery, but the quality of their information is poor.

I strongly agree w/ Alan.

No Muddy I think your questions are spot on. What is the general quality of Stark products? I have never thought of them as a first rate catalogue. I ordered three lilac bushes many years ago from stark and received three six inch twigs. That was over thirty years ago, but that did it for me.

I think they are mid-level. They aren’t anywhere near ACN, Grandpa’s Orchard, DWN or Just Fruits and Exotics. But they are a notch above Henry Fields. Maybe somewhere close to, or a bit below Raintree, though I know you like them (and they do have a lot of good varieties).

I have never bought a tree from Grandpa’s. If you think they are good I’ll look at the site again. I’ve just had really good luck with Raintree, so I cannot complain. Also with Arboreum. I want obscure trees that have a great taste and story.

I don’t have extensive experience with Grandpas, but the one time I ordered from them, the trees were really nice. They also do fall shipping and tell you the size of the tree on the site, both very nice features. They also responded quickly when I had a question, so they were good on all counts (in that relatively small sample).

Arboreum has sent me nice large trees (though already leafed out in one order), but communications is the big issue there (including no CC processing). So, I have mixed feelings about them. There is definitely good upside though, so I keep going back. :smile:

Me too!

I have ordered from Starks and thought they were fine. The trees were not the same caliper I got from GrowOrganic, which I am assuming is all Dave Wilson trees, but they were of good quality. Their website is much cleaner and easier to use than any other I have purchased from. I also like the fact that I can modify and delete an order with no fuss, I don’t have to call and do the changes, I can just change right from the website.