Stark Bro's Sale - (In case you wondered...)

I was recently looking over the Stark Bro’s site and noticed they had the Contender & Reliance peach trees in stock… the same trees that I’d ordered earlier and they had kept pushing the date back to an eventual November delivery date.

So I called them and asked them to ship them now, and they were fine with that.

I also noticed they have SnappyMac in semi-dwarf (or Dwarf) for $9.99 and Zestar semi-dwarf in the bigger caliper “Supreme” version for that same $9.99.

Well I ordered a couple Zestar and a SnappyMac for friends and family, and here’s a picture of what came in today.

From left to right Zestar, Zestar, SnappyMac, Contender, & Reliance.

I figure with May acting more like late March or early April, we’re good to plant stuff out still. But I was real impressed with these. The one in the bucket is the Reliance.

Just thought maybe someone might wonder what you get for the $9.99 and this might help some. (The peaches I got are not on any kind of sale now, in fact Contender is $49.99 while that same Reliance is $32.99. But the two varieties of apples I got for $9.99 were really nice I thought)


They all look great !

Ordered Zestar that should arrive tomorrow or Tuesday. Not a bad deal for under $20.00.

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My thoughts as well. The S&H on my order was only $14.98 but that’s due to my not being charged for them to ship the two peaches. So basically each apple tree was right at $15 in my case. Less than a pizza…

What size it the box they came in?

I sent the box and a couple trees home with my Nephew, but if I had to hazard a guess I’d say about 5’ long and maybe 9-10" wide. They were packed where two roots were on one end and three on the other.

Might even have been closer to a foot wide IDK, but the above ground length of the Reliance for example was 3’ 4" or 6", and I’d guess the roots to be a bit over a foot in length. I think they prune the things to fit the box BTW.

Ordered the below and all of them are nice. Planning on ordering more today as they have a good sale and the shipping is really good.

Cripps Pink Apple Semi-Dwarf Cripps Pink Apple Semi-Dwarf
1x Each

Liberty Apple Semi-Dwarf Liberty Apple Semi-Dwarf
1x Each

Tompkins County King Apple Semi-Dwarf Tompkins County King Apple Semi-Dwarf

Zestar!® Apple Semi-Dwarf*
1x Each

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I ordered an Idared apple for $7.99. I will be using for for my new apple breeding project.


I made a post earlier today about their huge apple sale as I forgot about this original post. The trees you got sure look good!

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Just ordered 10 total… Love the shipping price. These are for some friends and neighbors. I ordered a couple extra… just didn’t tell my wife. Wish the peaches, pears, and plums were $6.99-$7.99

Starkrimson Red Delicious


They typically have seasonal clearance in june. Last year there were stone fruits in the $10-$15 range. Looks like they are already sold out for most varieties. They must have less stone fruit trees in stock this year.

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That’s very cheap on stone fruit. The sweet cherries are some of the stone fruits they have in stock on sale but they don’t mention rootstock so it’s a roll of the dice.

$6 for a Zestar dwarf seems pretty dog-gone good for a patented variety.

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They have trees for $4.99 now Zestars are included.


My Idared Apple arrived today.

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They also sent me cat food.


? :confused: :smiley_cat:

You should send that to Bill, @Auburn . He could use some extra cat food. :wink:


I received 12 trees today… ALL in great shape. I also have CAT Food Treats!! Wished I would of waited two days for the $4.99 trees… LOL

I ordered two more and they will arrive soon.


OK I have to ask , what is the deal with the cat food?