Stark bros Starking Giant Pecan tree questions

So they state it was self fertile. Will it pollinate itself? Also they state it grows in zone 5. Is that true? I heard jugalone is not as big as in Walnuts and it is not something to worry about. Is that true?

From the USDA pecan genetics website:
Starking Hardy Giant’ Orig. as native seedling in Brunswick, MO, by George James. Discovered in 1947. Introd. in 1954. Plant patent 1361, issued Mar. 15, 1955, assigned to Stark Bros. Nurseries & Orchards Co., Louisiana, MO. Nut: oblong elliptic with obtuse apex and base; round in cross section; 78 nuts/lb, 58% kernel; kernels finely wrinkled with narrow dorsal grooves and a deep, narrow basal cleft. Protandrous. Ripens very early, first week in Sept. Tree vigorous, hardy, medium productivity. Recommended (1990) for planting in AR.

I’d say it needs a Type II pollenizer. Forget their claims of ‘self-fertile’.


Pecans are in the same family and also produce jugalone so i would say yes, you do want to take that into consideration. It might not be as strong as a black walnut, but i wouldn’t plant a pecan near my apple trees. I do have persimmon near my pecans, but they are supposed to be very tolerant of it, and the pecans are also downhill from all of my other trees.
I haven’t seen every kind of Pecan there is, but from what i have seen, none of them bloom both male (catkins) and female (flowers) at the same time. Don’t spend the money on just one tree to end up disappointed in the long run. Pecans take a long time to produce as it is, if you have to wait 7-10 years to learn that their marketing is off, it isn’t worth it. Get 2 trees (type 1 and type 2) or go with something else.

For hardiness there are some pecans that should survive zone 5, but that also depends on where in zone 5 you are, if you are on the border of zone5b and 6a you should be good, if you are in a coastal zone 5, you should be good, but if you are in the midwest, zone 5a, i probably wouldn’t risk it.


SHG originated at Brunswick. MO, which is Zone 5b.
Matures its nuts in a very short season.
But it is not a ‘giant’, by any stretch of the imagination.

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Yeah I don’t need a giant per say. I intend on growing pears, cherries and peaches along side my pecan tree. The big question is does the tree really self pollinate itself most of the official stuff online says it is one of the few like here

It does not help that much of the information online is about the regular varieties. I pretty much need to find a northern variety for here and there is very little information on that and only some pages that list starking giant.