Stark Brothers Catalog 1995

Anyone know how to find it on internet? I thought there was a nursery catalog archive but I can’t find it or it’s only ancient catalogs.

Trying to ID an orchard that was bought from Starks in 1995 and it will help limit the universe of options.

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A lot of stuff had “Stark” or “Starkrimson” attached to the name…so I guess were sports of the regular cultivar. There would have been Lodi, Y. Delicious, R. Delicious, Rome, MacIntosh,
Jonathan, Baldwin, Fuji,
possibly Grimes Golden, Jonagold, Jonalicious, Granny Smith, Gala…
maybe Liberty or Freedom or Pristine or Priscilla or Jonafree…
…there’s a starter on the apples…but I have no idea where to find a catalog that old.

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And too recent to be at or BHL, both of which stop I think in the 40’s.

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Thanks. I found a catalog on eBay so am all set.