Stark Doughnut vs Galaxy peach

Thought that some may like this size comparison. Galaxy is a excellent producer for us. And yes they really are that large.

Oh Amadioranch, that Galaxy peach looks fantastic. I’m almost tempted. Fun video too love the ‘almost James Bond’ type of music!

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It really is a phenomenal piece of fruit and deserves more attention I think. At least out west where we dont have all the issues with rots and such that the east has.

Galaxy didn’t do well for me, it was rubbery. The taste was good, only the texture was bad. It also got some strange spotting that I never saw on any other peach variety.

Galaxy is a winner for me. Have grown it in two locations here in SoCal (Long Beach and Norco (Inland)). Huge producer and huge fruit. Also made delicious jam.

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I have a Galaxy on order…but the ones ive bought from the store have been HORRIBLE. Pure rubber. They weren’t cheap either if i remember.

Really surprised its been so variable for people. Has standard stark saturn had the same issues?

I love Saturn…i’ve grown it for a few years. Depending on how winter goes I could have a huge crop next year because my tree is loaded with flower buds. I have my hopes up for Galaxy too. I’m also a big fan of TangOS.

Great video Amadio.

I have a couple Galaxy ordered for next spring. I knew Scott had pulled Galaxy out, and that gave me pause, but the release notes on Galaxy claimed that the peach was supposed to be an improvement over Saturn (slightly higher brix, along with less stem pick damage, more than 1/2 again larger, and better tasting according to subjective testing).

I wonder if it just doesn’t do as well outside dry areas (it originated in CA.) The comments about the rubber are also a bit of a mystery. The release notes do describe it a bit firmer than Saturn, but still a melting flesh peach (I don’t doubt Scott’s and warmwx experiences w/ the peach, but it’s just a mystery why it was so a low quality rubbery peach for them.)

Store bought peaches are generally picked too early, but Scott raised his own.

It could be the peach just doesn’t like water. I know Fruitnut really likes Honeyblaze nect, but this year it was terrible up here with all the rain (I’m going to give it another chance.)

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It is likely something to do with the climate. Looking through my notes I fruited it for three years and had flesh problems each year. I also wrote that the flesh was stringy. I called the rot I got on it bulls-eye rot, they were 1/4" or so bulls-eye spots.