Start 'em young

I had a helper this morning while grafting mulberries. She wanted me to wrap the tops of the rootstocks I cut off just like the scions, haha.


Right, kids have natural sense of fairness - everything has to have its share of attention! Believe or not, but I feel sorry for the wood i cut, when I prune :slight_smile:.

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Great pic. My daughter is 6 and she took all the clippings from my pear grafting and stuck them in the ground and took large rocks and created a perimeter around her little garden. I had to warn her that they will be wilted by the next day and her response was, “Thats okay, I’m just pretending”. So I was fine with that :slight_smile:


Enjoy them while they are young! My daughter is 31 now, not sure where the time went?

Yeah my rooting attempts, about 70% died, but I got a few. Of course those more tropical types, well not really, but those not adapted to zone 6 of course are the ones that survived! I’m going to get some more cuttings later this summer and try with green wood. I really want Sweet Lavender, and Scott from MI has it.