Started a bunch of seeds in anticipation for the upcoming season!

the thai roselle hibiscus and egyptian spinach peeked out in 2 days

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Once again, I have ordered too many seeds. The packages arrive every day and the packets are stacking up. I will have much more than I need. After planting what I will use, I am more than willing to list the rest of the seeds and ship them off to one person. They are a primarily heiloom varieties of tomatoes from Good seeds! And seeds from an Italian Company. Probably about fifteen varieties. PM me if you want them. PS. that was quick, seeds are already spoken for!

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I didn’t do any winter sowing to celebrate the solstice this year. There was too much going on. So far I’ve only planted broccoli and cauliflower in starter cells for spring plant out.Today I soaked some artichoke seeds to plant in the morning. It’s later than I’d prefer, but better than it might have been. :wink: Summers are usually too hot for artichokes to do well here, but I’m going to try again because when they work they also make interesting landscaping.
I’ve been able to make some successive direct seeding of lettuces, though. And I’ll be direct seeding sugar snap peas within the next couple of weeks.

Your flat looks like you are going for some interesting plantings! It’s been several years since I’ve planted such a variety. That is an enjoyable way to discover unfamiliar plants that will grow where you are. I hope you have lots of success!

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thanks muddy.

is it too late to start broccoli/cauliflower? they do extremely well in the cold for me. the dead of winter its still pushing strong with flowers.


sounds like you’ll have a good variety for taste test. i love tomatoes and peppers. i’ll have a variety in the backyard to taste throughout the summer-fall.

i planted fava beans in the front yard to fix nitrogen and also preserve seed for the future. i’m planting some green cotton and blackish brown cotton to continue the legacy of unusual colors.

Sam when the time is right, please take picture of your veg. garden!

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its a work in progress but will do :smile:

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When is the right time? I’ve tried broccoli two years in a row, planting outside in October, February, and (at my dad’s house) in March. Nothing worked. Just leaves.

Good for you Sam, I just bought a packet of Walla Walla Sweet Onion seeds to start at the store (after browsing the live plant section of course). Never grown real onions before but I’ve managed to keep some spring onions alive so hope the bulb ones turn out. Apparently they like ammonium sulphate.