Starting new orchard


On the distance between trees and land prep.

I will soon start the planting holes for a small half acre orchard. Since I have thick clay a few inches under I want to put in some expanded shale, EM and mycorrhizae. Lots of wood chips on top.

I will work to keep the trees around 12 foot tall, Mostly Pawpaw and Asian Persimmon and some Persimmon hybrid crosses.

Does 10 feet between trees and 15 feet between rows sound like a good plan? The rows will run north/south and the land is on the southeast side of a slope in North Alabama.

Any guidance to pass down?


My trees were planted about 5’apart. It worked for me. I tried to keep my trees about 8-10’ tall.


I have mine all 5-10 feet apart. Some even closer. If you are willing to manage them you can plant a close as you want. I would watch some videos. There are some farms where the trees are only three foot apart. Thousands of them in a row.