Starting Rootstocks

I would like to start grafting some of my fruit trees but need a rootstock. What is used as a rootstock and how can i start them? I have been reading a lot about this in the past few days and am highly interested in getting some new trees going. Thanks in advance!

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Which fruit variety? That would be the beginning for suggestions.

Easiest way is to just buy root stock. If you want to roll your own one ready source is your own trees (provided you want full size and not dwarfing root stock). Plant the seeds from your fruit, once they get to the right size graft into them.

I have clay soil so I am using Poncirus trifoliata and Flying dragon.

Those are your rootstocks? Lots of citrus root readily from cuttings so chances are it should be very easy to propagate a bunch that way.

Poncirus trifoliats and hybrids of are the only citrus I have been able to root cuttings of.

I ask again; are those the ones you want to propagate or the ones you want to use as rootstock?

Citrus are in general fairly easy to propagate, you may want to also work up your technique on that regard.

The PT /FD and hybrids of were rooted cuttings to be used as rootstock. Every cutting of fruit quality trees has failed to root. I have either grown from seed and/or grafted to trifoliates of some kind. At this time I have completed my fruit tree collection.