Starting to think about next year's scion order

as far as “The only complaint I’ve heard is that the wood sent is sometimes small/thin and must be tenderly cleft grafted.”, I clearly state that in my note about scions. And tell people that with over 1,400 varieties there is a huge variance in the size of scions that are available and if you do not want to or do not know how to cleft graft then let me know.

Everyone wants what is really cool or unusual and those are the trees where the big scions go first and so I tell people if you want it this year that it will be small.


You will certainly spend more on gas driving to Santa Cruz and back than on mail order scions. However, scion exchange is a fun experience (at least for me :wink: ). Also, I want to mention, that in my experience, perhaps surprisingly, the chance to get mislabeled or sickly wood at a CRFG scion exchange is much, much smaller compared to plants that I received from various commercial nurseries, large and small, local and distant.

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Stan, I envy you your enjoyable scion exchange experience. The times I have been to the CRFG exchange it was barely controlled chaos. It was difficult to push through the crowd to even see what varieties were laid out on the table, and if you actually stood there long enough to try to get an idea of the selection, then you were blocking someone else. The first time I went in 2015, the organizers behind the table kept asking me where I lived and then trying to steer me away to the low-chill table. When I finally got out of there clutching the little Gravenstein bench graft I had talked one of the demonstrators into grafting for me since I had never grafted before, I felt like I had been through the wringer. It was a worthwhile experience and I definitely learned a lot the first time I went, but these days I prefer to browse the web with a nice cup of coffee while I watch the sun rise outside my window and leisurely ponder future apple possibilities.

I love the idea of the CRFG scion exchange, but for me it’s one of those things that are better in theory than in practice.

And the little Gravenstein bench graft now has 5 varieties on it, 3 of which have fruited. I have done all the whip-and-tongue grafts on it myself except for that initial one, and I am getting a little better at it every year :slight_smile:


Well, I sent in my TOC order about a week ago, as soon as they posted their 2019 availability list. I ordered Calville Blanc, Granny Smith, and Pink Pearl. I also gave them a list of several substitution choices, so hopefully I will end up with 3 varieties of graftable scions this year instead of a refund check. Keeping my fingers crossed…