State Forest Nursery and University Programs

EDIT: A more complete directory was discovered National Nursery and Seed Directory — Reforestation, Nurseries and Genetics Resources (

This is a incomplete list put togather after 3 minutes of Bing Searching. (Yes I use Bing not google. Dont need three pages of ads before getting to results.

New Mexico Forestry Division Conservation Seedling Program.

Indiana Department of Natural Resources

Virginia Department of Forestry

Seedling Nursery Inventory - Colorado State Forest Service (

Seedlings - South Carolina Forestry Commission (

Georgia (

Kansas Forest Service Conservation Tree Program (

Seedling Prices and Availability | WA - DNR

Products – ODAFF (

Tree Seedlings (

Seedlings | NH State Forest Nursery

N.C. Forest Service Tree Seedling Store (

Montana Conservation Seedling Nursery — Montana DNRC (

Tree seedling price list | Minnesota DNR (

Order Seedlings | Missouri Department of Conservation (


Your list is missing the Missouri Department of Conservation:

I just ordered persimmon trees from them this year and was very pleased with the quality of their trees.


Kentucky: State Nurseries and Tree Seedlings - Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet

I put in a persimmon order in January, but they were already sold out.


Sep 1st is when KY state Nursery starts taking orders. I called them Sep 6th and they were out of all fruit Persimmon, PawPaw except Plum. They are working on an online ordering system which will make things easier as at the moment you have to call or mail/fax the oder.


Wow, sold out in six days! Demand is obviously pretty high! An online ordering system would definitely be helpful. That was the first time in many years I’d sent an order by snail mail; almost felt nostalgic.

5-6 yrs back, we bought a bundle of 100 Red Mulberry seedlings from the KY state forestry nursery. There is not a single M.rubra in the bunch. Every one is a hybrid… and most look like they’re probably back-crossed at least once more to M.alba.
Recently met our local KY forester, and discussed that with him. He told me that he was responsible for coming up with mulberry seed… but he just gathers from ANY mulberry he can find. Grrr.


Yes, I’m sure the Missouri Dept. of Conservation was sold out by then too. I placed my persimmon order on Sept 2, 2021, so I’m not sure how many days their stock lasted. But you can request a shipping date, and mine just arrived last week. About half were pencil sized diameter or larger, but they all had great roots.

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Herbarium (NCSC) I am in contact with a professor in this department concerning the Brushy Mtn Pawpaw identification.

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A seemingly all encompassing resource is this national nursery and seed directory National Nursery and Seed Directory — Reforestation, Nurseries and Genetics Resources

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I had a good experience with this source.

They looked very rooty. They haven’t leafed out yet, so I can’t confirm how good they’ll be, but initial impressions are positive.


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