Steady trickle of exotic fruits in the stores


addictive, right? Your store evidently sells a good lychee cultivar. There are many lychee and rambutan cultivars, and unfortunately not all are topnotch.
longans are the only species in the family which don’t have much variances, at least those sold in usa.




Lol I’m about as good as a squirrel at eating lychee :0)


Pepino melons taste fine but they are overrated based on my experience with this one. Very glad I finally got to try one.


I’m going to explore some of the big international markets in the area soon. Is it worth trying jujubes or other exotic fruit they might have? What is likely to be good in September in GA?


Jujube taste like marshmallow dates. Guava, Pluots, etc. are in season.


Hosting another family member a party today. I’m shocked at the great produce in the stores! Mangos, guava, plums , nectarines, golden honeydew melons, cactus pears, limes, lemons, oranges, grapes, pink lady apples to name a few things on the menu.


I almost bought local figs today. We were at the Greek church in town. They sell extra produce from their church garden after service and they announced they had figs! Apparently figs are popular because by the time I herded Booger 2 over there, they were all sold out. Oh well.


you probably don’t go grocery shopping often. My local grocery chain Jewel carries various uncommon fruits and larger selection of fruits


You got to remember IL847, Clark lives in Kansas and the only exotics he gets are blown in on tornadoes!:wink:


right, living in Chicago area do have some advantage, besides the tax rate is too high


That’s not to far from true! Let’s put it this way there is no danger of me getting spoiled.


Fuyu persimmons and quince this week!


I probably need to append this thread to this one.


Not to exotic this week but I enjoy avocado and pomegranate !


Guava, Meyer lemons, key limes, avocados, blood oranges etc. are all inexpensive and at any Walmart. They have an incredible selection of apples and even a few good pears right now. Avocados should not be more than 50 cents each. Meyer lemons were $1.75 for 2 pounds. They were selling clementines etc. here are blood oranges and cara cara’s. Already eating oranges, Bosc pears, avocado, and guava. You can see my refrigerator in the picture and you won’t hardly find anything that’s not fresh. I know time is an issue but I make the time to cook because it’s not just cheaper but it’s healthier.



How do you eat the guava?


I just cut the ends off and eat them whole with seeds and all. The seeds are very hard so chewing them can be tricky. The seeds remind me of the seeds in nopal cactus fruit.


I tried some canned ones which were tasty but full of seeds. I bit down as hard as I dared with no give. They were like gravel, I was afraid for my teeth.


The seeds are like that. I had some once that were so hard I spit the seeds out. Cactus fruit can be like that also with some being softer than others. Don’t break your teeth but they are delicious!