Steady trickle of exotic fruits in the stores


I usually swallow the seeds. The white flesh between seeds is sweeter than any part of the fruit. I don’t want to throw it away with those seeds.


This variety is the most popular one in Thailand.


Mamuang, do they soften, and do they get sweet? I was given one of those and it was quite hard and dry, and wasn’t sweet. Maybe it wasn’t ripe.


For Thais, guavas are supposed to be eaten when they crunchy, not soft ripe. They are only mildy sweet. It is more sour than sweet. We often eat guava with “dip”. Typically, there is dry dip, mixture of cane sugar, salt and ground dried chili and wet dip, replacing cane sugar with palm sugar.

Those guavas are picked close to their peak of crunchiness. If you leave them out until they are soft, they might be a bit sweeter. Admittedly, we don’t eat them at that stage.

To me the taste and smell of ripe guava turn me off (this is from someone who likes durian so take it with a grain of salt.)

To my American hubby, guavas taste “boring”. He says it is just a vehicle to move a sweet, salty, spicy condiment from plate to mouth. So there, you have it.


Thanks Mamuang, I wondered if it was something like that. Almost a starch, like green mango or papaya salad.



Your comparison of guavas to green mangoes are eaten is so apt. That’s exactly how we eat green mangoes, with those spicy dips.

Green papaya is in another category. It’s for spicy salad. Don’t forget to ask for a spicy green papaya salad next time you are in Thailand. It’s our national dish.


Oh, I’ve had the papaya salad a number of times, even though I know better. Its way too spicy for me, especially while traveling.


Several of my friends who cannot tolerate much heat, usually request “ no chili” in their papaya salad. It still tastes good (if it is well-made). The thing seems simple to make but I have not mastered it (yet).

I don’t eat apicy food proir to travelling, either :wink:


do you have a good green papaya receip to share. I tried to make it at home, the taste is not as I have expected, more bitterness from the papaya. I probably have omitted some steps


Let me look into a good recipe and I will PM you. Give me a couple of days.

Re. Green papaya, make sure you peel off the green skin until you see white flesh. It should not have greenish skin on it. Also, after peeling, I suggest you rinse the whole papaya to get rid of the white sap. That sap could cause bitterness and sometimes itchiness to those sensitive to it.


Thanks,take your time,no hurry.


I try to visit a Songkran festival every year. The DC area has several wonderful temples and they stager there celebrations weekend so there is almost a month of weekends. Even no-pepper Papaya salad is spicy when made in a dirty morter, which is of course the only way is should be. I’m a fermented crab person my self.

Still on the looking for a NJ/NY temple.


I PM’d you with the link. Enjoy!!!


Not a fan at all of strawberry papaya! It must be an acquired taste!


How is it different from other papayas that you do like?


Seeds are a little spicy like pepper and the flesh hints of being good and yet it is bitter. Dead ripe so it was not a matter of waiting longer to eat it. I’m not a fan of regular papaya either.


Interesting. I never ate papaya seeds. While in Hawaii, I tasted watermelon papaya. It was delish.


Jack Fruit for valentines for my wife


The flavor is undescribeable. Not overpoweringly sweet, kind of perfumy, very fragrant.


A nice gift for your wife.

Have you eaten boiled jackfruit seeds? Boil them in water with some salt until they are tender. Taste like potatoes, at least to me :smile: