Steady trickle of exotic fruits in the stores


We will try it. My wife says the gift was for me actually. Neither of us are exotic. This was our first jackfruit experience.


It did not look fully ripe but I bet it still tastes good. Cutting up jackfuit is a real pain re. dealing with white, sticky sap.


I am sure you are correct. It wasn’t very messy. Hardly any sap.


Looks delicious!


I bought some Cherimoya. They are super sweet.



Our local supermarket carries it from time to time, but I have never felt comfortable to buy them,. They either looked not ripe, or looked start to rot. Where did you buy yours ? If they are from large chain grocery store, I might look for them


They sell them sometimes at Wholefoods for a whopping $8 per fruit. Meh…I’ll pass.


I bought them from our Asian Market. Today is Chinese New Year. They got lots of tropical fruits.



How do you eat them?


I place a ripe banana on top and cover them with a plastic sheet. They will ripen in about week. I halve the fruit and scoop the real sweet white flesh with seeds and eat it just like a paw paw. Spit out the seeds.





Tony, thanks for the info. Wrapped with a banana is a good idea, I will try next time


I went to the nearby Asian store yesterday. Everybody was right, they had new/more stuff because of the new year. I picked up some rambutan and guava. Yum! Kids didn’t like the guava.


Tamarind is a fruit I really enjoy! Found some today at a Chinese grocery. For those not familiar with it Here are some pictures from today when I bought a pound or so to eat fresh.


The only Tamarind flavor I’ve had was in the soda made by Jarritos.Ever try that and if so,do these taste like that? Brady


I’ve never had it but I might try it. These are close to a jujube , persimmon, & date in flavor.


I like tamarind too. Our local hmart carries Sweet tamarind. Usually sold in small box of x pounds.


Jarritos soda has the basic flavor of tamarind. Tamarind comes in to profiles sweet and sour. Tamarind is sour comes primarily from Tartaric acid a property shared with few other fruits wine grapes and cranberries. If I had to explain the flavor I have to say really good tea with fruitjuice. I hate this comparison because the flavor is must more complex,


@Bradybb @IL847
From the Maprarima Girls High school Cookbook Trinidad and Tobago
the book says Cilantro but what they mean is Culanto aka long corrander or Mùi tầu,(Vietnamese)


Today I found dragonfruit and jack fruit and enjoyed them both!