Steady trickle of exotic fruits in the stores


Beautiful color combination. Don’t throw away the seeds, jackfruit’s seeds are edible after boiled


A friend said they are pretty good fried. I’m going to check it out. How do you usually cook them once they are boiled do you eat them?


Boil them in water until you can put something like a cake tester through it. I put a bit of salt in water, too. Never heard of fried jackfruit seeds.



Next time, try to buy the yellow dragon fruit. They are about $4 a fruit but much more sweeter. I can eat two per sitting.



After boiled, peel off brown skin, eat inside white part, tasted like water cowtrap, has nutty flavor


Never had fried jackfruit seeds. But they are pretty good fire roasted. I think there’s a technic to it, you have to roast it in a way it doesn’t burn but get soft. I’ve never prepped it, just ate it couple of times.


Have you had ‘em fire roasted?


These were $6.99 per lb Tony. I was told red was the good ones. I will try the yellow ones. I’ve heard white are not as good is that correct? The jackfruit was about $5 per wedge like those shown in the picture.


Jackfruit that size, it would cost me around $10 or more at my local Asian market.

In my experience, red flesh tasted the sweetest. The yellow one I ate was not fully ripe so it was more sour than sweet.


No, never roasted them. Sounds interesting, though.


redskin white flesh are flavorless yellows have a slight sweetness and some flavor. Redskin violet flesh are variable some have and can be ok ,good or mind blowing.


Got to tell everyone a little more about jackfruit. Jackfruit really does require some skill to eat. A former coworker ate them frequently in his home country of Bangladesh so I called him. We share many cuisine tips back & forth. He was actually the first person who told me about jackfruit back in 1990’s. Jackfruit has individual cloves that each contain a seed that are the yellow meat of the fruit which must be separated from the white sappy glue like flesh. The yellow fruit is very tasty and reminds we somewhat of pawpaw but it’s still very different. I felt amazing this week after eating dragon fruit and jackfruit. Some pictures Are needed to see the part that’s eaten and the part I left behind. I did not mention if you eat the white part your mouth will wind up glued shut due to the sap in it. When I say glued shut understand I’m not speaking metaphorically.


Nothing overly exciting this week. I almost bought durian but I remember the reports of its smell. I did get some canned longan which are similar to lychee but I like lychee much better

I like these passion fruit jelly candies


Durian’s smell is not that bad if you keep it frozen. Lol

I have 2 durian bars left in he fridge. My gave my 3 year old one she looked it all over and handed it back and said " No, daddy you eat it". The next day my wife changed her screen name at work to Durian Ice Cream should not exist. Now some of her food adventuring coworkers want to come over to try some.


Star apple from the Asian store today. Pretty good the center is really sweet and soft. The white part next to the peel has the texture of string cheese. It is bizarre but the flavor is good


We chased that with this frozen durian fruit and wow it is repulsive.


These are far from rare or exotic but they were a bargain and very tasty! Mango 5/$1. My mother was glad to see her half of these when I gave them to her. That’s my shopping cart. It’s nice to be able to eat all the mango my heart desires for $10 = 50 mango. I’m not sure how they grow & ship them that cheap but they are really delicious.


When I tried Jackfruit for the first time I really liked it and I found… I am allergic. The next morning my lips looked like after a badly failed botox party…


Was it properly cleaned?


Maybe not? I didn’t really knew how to prepare it. Saw it the first time in my life. I even did bite into some of the white/stringy stuff before realizing it is not edible.