Steady trickle of exotic fruits in the stores


I’ve had my lips do that once or twice after eating poorly cleaned jackfruit (and even figs), and I’m not allergic to the fruit at all. I am a little allergic to the white latex as are many people. You might want to give it another try and make sure the latex is completely cleaned off the fruit.


Ok thanks, you might be right. I will give it another shot.


Yes you don’t want that white sticky stuff on your lips. The jack fruit is very healthy I think because I felt good when I ate it.


Maybe not to exotic but these are 3 of my favorites I can’t grow in Kansas! Golden Honey Dew, kiwi, Mango! Lychees have been flowing in regular but that season is winding down quick. Kiwi are just $3 per box, mango 48 cents, Golden Honeydew $2.88

Sweet cherries have been very expensive this year at $4 per pound but they are better than normal


Been enjoying lychee, rambutan, and jack fruit.


Sweet cherries have never been a favorite of mine. I would take the lychee and rambutan in a heartbeat! After living in the rainforest of Puerto Rico For almost 2 years, after you taste sweet and sour sops and jackfruit, and the assorted wild bananas, your tastes just change. Also spent s lot of time in the Sub/continent. You are tastefully, just never the same.


I agree about other fruits being nice though I do still love sweet cherries. After your experience living in other places I imagine there is no way to easily go back to being satisfied with the fruits easily obtainable from the grocery store. There are so many other fruits I want to try! If you ever want me to send some of what’s available to me let me know. This is a few I want to try
Monstera deliciosa
Hala tree fruit
There are even more here
These are the lychee I’m eating currently

Jackfruit is $1 per pound roughly and worth every cent it costs!


Bought this from a Middle Eastern store. Daughter translated to Loquat. Size of a large fig and color like an orange.

Tasted mild, boring. A somewhat juicy but texture is a bit rough texture. Skin peeled off easily. They looked pretty but tasted mostly bland.

Like many fruit, store bought are not worth the money.



Tree ripened loquat some what soft will be much better. I will cheer you up with my epiphylum flowers.



Love your pictures so much! I can taste them! Thank you!


Very pretty, Tony.


Of the list of exotic fruit you mentioned, I am familiar with Langsat. The best variety of Langsat called Longkong (in Thailand); Duku ( in Indonesia and Malaysia) and Lansones (in Tagalog).

This Longkong variety is sweeter than regular Langsat. Its skin has less sap when peeled making it much easier to eat. You will like it as it has a good blend of sweet and sour. I can eat a lot of them in one sitting.


Can’t wait to try it! I’ll keep looking!


frozen langsat/longkong are sometimes offered in asian stores, even here in vegas it is hard to find. Freezer burn compromises the fruits but still worth the pretty penny. I couldn’t find the jpegs but glad to have already posted here.

has the same effects on me too. Perhaps due to its high potassium content and aromatics. It also has substantial amounts of protein, vitamins and other minerals. It is a meal in itself, especially if you eat it with the roasted seeds, which add a nutty component to the sugary pulp. Much like when craving sweets— dark chocolate with macadamia nuts is more satisfying and filling compared to eating lifesavers(empty calories).


Now you’ve made me hungry for dark chocolate/macadamia!!!


like jujus, i can eat that everyday!


Have you seen them at Aldi’s since then? Last time I had seen them there was years ago.

PS this was supposed to be for the canned Lychees


This is a great time of the year for mangosteen, lychee, & rambutan! They are all in season! Enjoy them while we can it’s already mid August!


That mangosteen looks amazing!


@Lids Best I’ve had it’s incredible! This one had a few seeds but the last one I ate did not have seeds.the part around the seed is a different flavor I really like.