Steady trickle of exotic fruits in the stores


great mangosteen you have there! Snow-white pulp is unmistakable sign of freshness and of minimal physical/thermal damage
hands down one of the most exquisite of all fruits.


From the very first post on this thread you know how much I love mangostein! Just bought a couple of more pounds for $8 per pound. I highly recommend this wonderful fruit!


If you don’t mind my correction. It’s mangosteen, not mangostein :smile:


Those Moro blood oranges from Walmart have been a winter staple for me for about 4 years now. I’ll buy between 2 and 4 bags at a time and am liable to eat close to an entire bag on the same day I bought them. My wife and kids like them, too.


Those are wonderful!


The blood oranges just came in here. Earlier tonight I got the 2 pound bag for $4.48 from a supermarket. I picked up only one bag since Walmart sells 3 pound bags for the same price. They didn’t have them a few days ago. I’ll check again tomorrow if I go out. I’m already halfway through the bag. I’ll be eating way too many blood oranges from now through March, possibly April.


Sounds great we just got a huge shipment of oranges, Mangoes, and Mexican Haas avocados. .


one is kosher, and the other one not :wink:


Do they freeze durian? I swear i saw whole frozen durian in the grocery store about a month ago. Maybe $5/lb.

Blood oranges are my favorite.


Yes. Durian sold in the US are both frozen and fresh. The negative of a frozen durian is its texture, too mushy for many people’s liking.

For non-durian fans, even the fresh ones have “soft” texture that turn them off, anyway :smile:


If it has anything in common with another unique fruit-- the avocado, it would be its high fat content. If texture is a problem, eating it half-frozen would help.To me it is the most decadent ‘fruit ice cream’ available out there. Buttery and exquisite.
i like it better thawed, and will even drink the juice that collects at the bottom of the bowl, haha


Not me. I don’t like mushiness of thawed frozen durian. I love fresh durian but no durian smoothie for me. Same with bananas. Eat fresh, not in any smoothies. Just me, being very particular.


Have you try to eat the red color durian,? It looks vibrant.


i’ve had the wild-type durians with red and orange pulp, but seems like the ones i had were not picked prime. The common yellow ones are better.



I guess you could say we (our small Texas town) have arrived. I just found this in our local Walmart. AND… it was empty

I’ve never seen Rambutan…still haven’t.

But then, there was this…

To be fair there was an empty box for Dragon Fruit and they were not $.97 but $3.98.


the major exporters of rambutan are above the equator, so rambutan won’t be as readily available at this time of year. Rambutan may be tropical, but it only crops heavily on certain times of year and seems to be affected by rainy seasons or periodic temp changes, even though temp variations are minimal in the tropics

am sure tropical areas below the equator are beginning to ‘up their game’ with this addictive fruit, considering that it is sold 3.48$ per clamshell. Counter-seasonal fruit harvests below or at the equator should fill the void for this niche as it does for conventional fruits.

mexico has steadily increased its rambutan acreage and exports to usa. Glad to see that guatemala, being in a lower latitude has been producing this fruit as well, so should somehow extend the availability.
Brazil, argentina, and paraguay etc being south of equator should be able to cover for the months of jan to june.