Sticker-spreader with Spinosad/Triazicide

Basically two questions in one- can I combine Spinosad full strength and Triazicide half strength and add a sticker-spreader? The goal is to accomplish most of my codling moth control with the Spinosad, with the Triazicide as a little insurance policy.

Should note that I applied one full strength dormant oil just about first pink and full pink. Haven’t felt like I needed anything since, but I know that I’ll need some further control of codling moth. And this year is shaping up to be bountiful if I don’t blow it, if the crows don’t get me, if I trap out all the squirrels, if the hail doesn’t hit us, if deer don’t ruin things, if racoons don’t show up, if herbicide drift goes the other way, if people don’t help themselves too much …

Just at bedtime last night I chased off four muley does who thought that the Winesap branch of my tree looked appealing. They really don’t like the sound of a leaf rake on the sidewalk. I ran out in my pajamas- I suppose the neighbors have it all on video. Look for it on Youtube!


Others would probably know better, Unless the triazicide had something that was anti bacterial mixed in it it may not kill bacteria. However usually spinosad will come with its own sticker/spreader or if you add one you need one that doesnt slow or kill bacterial growth so something made out of yucca (ThermX 70) works best. What about mixing the spinosad with surround and doing triazicide on a alternate spray since you definitely want a sticker with triazicide.

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When I spray triazicide with a sticker, I would also include Immunox an excellent fungicide. Now I have two separate sprays. Of triaz with a sticker and Indar with a sticker. Over that will go Surround WP. Hopefully the sticker from the previous sprays will help keep the Kaolin on the fruit, leaves, branches and trunks.

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I’ve never mix Triazicide with Spinosad. It seems redundant but I know you want to add Triazicide as insurance. I have done Spinosad and Immunox ( or Indar) with Nufilm.

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Yeah, it seems too easy for me to miss the timing on the Spinosad, so I want to have some backup. Plus, we’ll be out of town for a week just about the time I should be spraying, and I think Triazicide will stay active a little longer than the Spinosad. Maybe I should just do the Triazicide on this first generation and quite worrying about it!

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Spinosad is a chemical isolated from bacteria that has insecticidal activity. Not the bacteria themselves. So it shouldn’t hurt to use a sticker with it. Probably better to use NuFilm 17 since Spinosad’s major breakdown pathway is UV light and NuFilm is supposed to help against that.

Because I’m not trying to be economical, I have used Bt and spinosad together with NuFilm 17. If it is past curc season - otherwise I’m using Surround too without the sticker. That usually means I’m doing the Spinosad + Bt + NuFilm spray at the 1200 GDD 2nd generation codling moth spray. I have no idea what my CM pressure is for 2nd generation moths, but I never had an issue with them, so I’m going to take that as my spray schedule works OK.

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Maybe a spreader sticker that is good for bacteria would be good for you if that is your spray. I consider it biologically active and some formulas allow it to keep slowly fermenting in the bottle so it stays active.

From wikipidea
Spinosad is a novel mode-of-action insecticide derived from a family of natural products obtained by fermentation of S. spinosa . Spinosyns occur in over 20 natural forms, and over 200 synthetic forms (spinosoids) have been produced in the lab.[4] Spinosad contains a mix of two spinosoids, spinosyn A, the major component, and spinosyn D (the minor component), in a roughly 17:3 ratio.[1]

What bother’s me about Millers is they make claims but fail to show research. My spreader-sticker is Tactic because I’ve read independent university studies that show latex based products are the best against rain- I’ve never seen a study that tested a stickers ability to protect against UV light. In the humid region, rain is the main enemy to prolonged potency as far as I know. I can see how that would vary from pesticide to pesticide.

There is a probable source in your state that will UPS you a jug. Ask Olpea for his mid-western supplier. Here’s mine. They also may be willing to send you a jug- whoever is closest to you. Yeah, they have one in your state, I believe.

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