Still thinning

Here is the last picture of I hope my thinning. The tree produced like crazy and does not like to be thinned. It seems to really want to hang on to the fruit. But this I hope will be about the very last of it. My apple trees are suffering terribly and I might lose my Calville Blanc. I never thought an aphid could upset me. Well they can!

“ While the Montreuil peach is only produced in quite small numbers, it is nonetheless a luxury fruit that’s very popular with connoisseurs. Its quality mainly comes from the totally unique way it is grown. Indeed, the peach trees are lined up on trellises on plaster walls that reflect light and retain heat. The fruit trees are carefully pruned and benefit from this warmth at night, thus ensuring the peaches ripen early.

There are several varieties of Montreuil peach, including two created here, the Téton de Vénus and the Grosse Mignonne. Cultivated in this way since the 17th century, these luxury peaches were once found in all the courts of Europe. The town is so proud of this fruit, it even appears on its coat of arms!

Harvested from mid-June to mid-October, the Montreuil peach can be eaten on its own when ripe, in pastries or poached and served with meat. It’s also healthy, as it provides 50% of the recommended daily allowance of provitamin A, and its high water content prevents dehydration during hot weather.”

Mine is a Grosse Mignonne. For those of you who know me you know I Iove growing heirlooms or now called ‘Heritage’ fruit. The fact that it is a white peach and cling-free made it a peach I had to try and grow with out a wall but within walls. Close enough!


I’m very glad I didn’t thin my peach. It has been thinning its self on its own. Bug damage, rain, inaufficient pollination, etc. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. I’m told here constantly “no you have to thin”.

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How old is your peach tree?