Stone Fruit for Northern California

I’ve been pouring over nectarine and plum recommendations here but haven’t really seen any discussions from people in my area! Zone 9, a bit north of San Francisco, looking to fill a few more spots in my orchard and welcoming ideas for the future as well. Mainly collecting high flavor fruits for fresh eating.

I have a bunch of Japanese plums and pluots as I’m in Luther Burbank territory but don’t know much about how Euro plums do in my region. I do need to fill a spot with something to pollinate the Green Gage I picked up this year, so favorite Euro recommendations are very welcome.

Nectarines are another one I’m looking for. The advice from locals was to pick varieties resistant to peach leaf curl but I haven’t figured out many that qualify (and can probably make do without). Ideally I’m looking for something freestone and yellow-fleshed as I already have a white-fleshed Nectaplum (Spice Zee). I have all my peach slots filled for this year (O’Henry, Galaxy, Indian Free) but more recommendations for the future are always great. Thanks for any suggestions on what would grow well and taste well.

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Does the Nectaplum get Peach Leaf Curl?

Pacific Pride, Kreibich and Morton are supposed to be resistant to Peach Leaf Curl. Morton growing in USDA germ repository has documented to history of not showing PLC symptoms.

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Mine did a little when I didn’t spray it at all, but with 1-2 winter applications of copper it gets pretty much no leaf curl.

Tashkent Gold is my favorite nectarine. Best flavor of any nectarine I’ve had. Freestone and solid yellow without any red. Unfortunately it’s PLC susceptible and needs a good amount of heat. I haven’t tried related cultivars like Maria’s Gold but I have heard they are great as well.

I work just over the mountains from you near St. Helena, and we have some Euro plums. They seem to do well with minimal care. There used to be prune orchards all through the valley here.

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