Stonefruit growing issues

Hi Team, Thanks for the add. Have recently started my potted fruit plants and going pretty well… except my poor stone fruits. My peach and nectarine are being hit with some weird pink on the stems and pink spots on the leaves. Hoping for some guidance on this please. Also starting to get some pale leaves as well. Baring in mind that it is summer and getting very hot lately (am watering every 2-3 days currently).

Update Is there such a thing as sunburn for plants? This pink stem issue is literally only on the sides that get direct sunlight, and less on branches with more leaves, and some have none that have lots of leaves… so i am guessing that the direct sunlight is having some effect…

Thanks team.

What’s your potting soil mix- are you sure it’s draining adequately? Sometimes poor drainage in pots isn’t apparent in the top few inches. Peaches are the first species to suffer from poor drainage.

If you are hoping for disease diagnostics you should send a picture, although samples to a local plant pathologist that specializes in fruit tree diseases might be your best bet. Lots of expertise on this in Australia.

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Please share photos of the leaves as well as the whole plant, including the pot.

How do i ad pics please? I cannot find the option to do it.

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Hi Alan, I used a regular potting mix with slow release (12 months apparently) fertiliser. Drainage is good as i water until it starts coming out the bottom of the pot. Have added a pic of the leaves and can also see the pink on the stem as well. Could this be something like sunburn?
Though i think the other leaves that i have that are fading a bit are prob a nutrient thing…

The photo is fine but I don’t recognize the symptoms. Unfortunately I’m terrible at making the translation from photographs. Bacterial spot and peach leaf curl are the main leaf issue with peaches and nects. I looked for anything matching what you have and none of hundreds of pictures I found matched it.

If it only appears on older leaves it may be a nutrient deficiency.

I’d send a photo to my cooperative extension and they could send it to a university pathologist if you aren’t satisfied with any answer you get here.

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Hi Alan, thanks so much for your response. 2 responses i am getting are possible nutrient deficiency and possible fungus or bacteria issue. So am hitting it with some fertiliser (am using Charlie Carp) and trying some copper spray stuff once i remove the effected leaves. Fingers crossed :slight_smile:
Thanks again


My nectarine tree leaves showed very similar symptoms a couple of years ago and it turned out to be fertilizer burn; i.e. too much fertilizer that makes it difficult for the roots to absorb water from the soil. The solution is easy, specially in pots, just wash the soil from the fertilizer with excessive watering. You can google “fertilizer burn” and you will find many articles about it.

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Fertilizer burn kills roots by the process of salt dehydrating them. Rinsing out the salt won’t cause instant recovery above the soil- replacement roots have to form first. Fine hair roots can grow quickly though.

N. is the primary cause and it would be hard to overfertilize with an entirely slow release form, I think.

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