"stony pit" virus in pears

I have had two pear trees in the ground for a number of years; I planted them when I was in my early twenties or even late teens. I didn’t know anything, and because they were supposedly dwarf, I didn’t think I even had to prune them. I’ve been paying the price ever since. They were supposed to be bosc and bartlett…but I have my doubts. Anyway, they have always had little stony sections and are very deformed. I just looked it up and found that the condition is called stony pit virus. I was wondering if anyone has experienced this and if there is a way to salvage the fruit going forward. I am going to try spraying whey on my fruit trees, vegetables and even some flowers because it is supposed to take care of fungal diseases from brown rot to powdery mildew. I’m hoping that it would help the pears because they are some of my favorite fruits.

If it’s not insects, nutrient deficiency, or something else causing the problem spraying milk on a virus isn’t going to do a whole lot.

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I got the idea from Stefan Sobkowiak who is an orchardist with thousands of trees and decades of experience. It is what he uses for fungal disease and says it works better than any other chemical fungicide:

I’m skeptical about how well it works on fungal infections, but a virus isn’t a fungus.