Storing a peach pit

I want to plant a few peach pits this fall for rootstocks. However, it’s still really too early to try to plant. They won’t cold stratify for at least three months.

Will they be safe just sitting on a counter until then, or are they the kind of seeds that need to stay moist or they will dry out and die?

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Just bury them somewhere in the garden you want them to come up next year and cover with woodchips. The soil has just enough moisture to keep them from drying out as long as it’s not waterloged. I tried storing a few dozen in the fridge packed in moist sawdust then planting them in the spring. Only had about 7-8 come up which was disapointing considering the effort. Maybe it was too wet or i let them dry out on the counter. However I always find a few volunteers in my compost heap. I did the same sawdust in fridge technique with persimmon seeds and had almost too many germinate.

I guess it really depends on how critical it is that you have a high germination rate or how many you need. I wanted a few just for grafting rootstock.

Good luck