Storing peaches?

I came across this the other day. I wonder how well they store?

Strange…I never knew this was done. I just eat canned/frozen peaches this time of year…


Thanks for the link. There is an old tradition of cellaring peaches in the US and there were varieties for this such as Heath Cling which were eaten in November. But the Chinese have probably perfected it with what sounds like colder temperatures and special varieties. I think I had one of these winter peaches from China in my orchard (Pei Xian Dong Tao), I got it from ARS. It was still small and hard in October here. I probably needed another month to ripen it and took it out a few years ago.


Personally, I think this is the best option for wintertime. Imo, refrigerated peaches stored a long time face serious issues.

I’ve sampled so many refrigerated peaches through the years which are extremely sub par. It is so difficult to keep the fruit out of the refrigeration “kill zone” (about 31F to 45F). Plus they are picked so early to facilitate storage it severely degrades quality.

As you know, so many of these wholesale peaches are really horrible. Peaches just aren’t made to store like apples. I suspect they never really will store well unless someone tries to introduce it through GMO.

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Olpea, I don’t think these are ordinary peaches they are talking about, they are genetically different. They are hanging on the tree for seven months.

I had some more time to look into this, apparently there have been peaches named “winter peach” (the Chinese version of the term that is, Dong Tao) for 1000+ years, and the same for “flat peach” (Pan Tao). This info I found in the book “The Peach: Botany, Production and Uses”. So, these special storage peach varieties are extremely old. I wonder if there are any in the US that would ripen in time for me; my Pei Xian Dong Tao I now see is officially a winter peach type as its name ends with “Dong Tao”. I don’t think I could ever get it to ripen, even in an exceptionally lucky year. There don’t seem to be any other Dong Tao peaches in the ARS collection.