Strange weather - Will it get our blooms and fruit?


Gotcha. Creeping into the 40’s during the day is chilly to me. :smile: My trees stopped advancing while we were having highs in that range. Now that we’re in a string of comfortable days in the 70’s w/nights in 50’s, they are once again restless.


I am finding it surprising as I join this conversation in progress that there is no mention of the heat being the result of surpassing 350 ppm of carbon in the atmosphere. It is well established that increasing carbon can have this effect, whatever its cause. So, without discussing the politically dangerous idea of WHY this is, shouldn’t we be able to at least accept THAT it is?


Cat, the reason it hasn’t come up is because the U.S. is the one country in the industrialized world where this is still a debate, instead of being a discussion about what to do about it. If we open this particular can of worms (where do they sell canned worms, anyway) this discussion will go on and on and on and no presentation of “facts” will change anyone’s mind.

The pathway to logic is by way of the emotions, no matter how well educated one is and climate change is too hot to handle here.


I agreed with Alan, this was a very heated topic in the past and got too personal.



Its not brought up because doing so is a jerky move thats only done to cause strife. Take that BS and take it to a political forum. Fricken tired of trolls.


Welcome to the forum, cataniam. Why not go to the Introducing Myself to Scott’s Forum thread and tell us all a bit about yourself and your interests in growing edibles, especially fruits. The welcome there has always been warm for all those who share the interest.


Very well said Muddy. By the way my plum blooms have not full opened yet. As fruitnut mentioned they are weeks to early but who knows I’m still optimistic.


Speaking of jerks, what a way to welcome someone to the discussion. As I said in my intro, I just joined in. I am no troll, but I am not stupid either. You are an expert in shutting down anything resembling an intelligent discussion. I have a yard full of fruit trees and fruiting plants. Apricots, peaches, apples, blueberries, plums, grapes and Kiwi. I have lost entire seasons of produce as a result of early bloom followed by late frost. This is a topic of great concern to me and I resent being shut out of the conversation because you can’t handle a reasoned discussion of the obvious changes that are taking place. Such an attitude only moves me to look elsewhere for information on fruit growing where a reasoned discussion of proactive solutions to problems can happen without the political contamination that you introduced.


Thank you Muddy for a much more welcoming attitude. I will check it out if I don’t get dragged off in tar and feathers before I get there.


By the way, Muddy, my earlier was a response to “amadioranch”, sorry for getting a little hot.


Welcome Cataniam very recently a topic was started about that that didn’t end well. You have no way to know that but a lot of people are very sensitive about that. Amadioranch is a great guy so give him a chance and hopefully everyone forgets about it. We are very glad you joined the forum.


Welcome to our forum Cat, Amadio is a great guy. We swapped scions and shared infos on gardening and fruit trees. We all want to learn here and try to avoid heated topic that’s all. Let start over and welcome to your new community.



[quote=“amadioranch, post:19, topic:3963”]
Its not brought up because doing so is a jerky move thats only done to cause strife

You’ve just fulfilled your prophesy. Cat is new to the forum but he didn’t join it today- he’s been here over a month. Cat’s not the one that may need some declawing here, IMO


two days ago 55 today winter wonderland.



Clark, I’m staying pessimistic for now, but getting more hopeful each time we go into a cold spell without having my stone fruits blossom, yet.

One thing that I have found very interesting is that the buds on scions I have received from farther north, areas that have gotten more chill than here, are actually fatter and more developed than my own. So, even if I continue to have concerns about my trees and the effects that our very warm December has had on them, I am more concerned for those of you that have more chill accumulation between warm intervals.

Another observation this year that I find interesting is that my apples that started opening blossoms at the end of Dec/beginning of Jan continue to do so - not in the normal way of having full bloom extend over a week or 10 days, but in the manner of early forsythia blooms - in a spotty and sporadic fashion. It’s been over a month, with three chill weeks during the interval, and they are still blossoming bit by bit. These blossoms are futile, but interesting, nonetheless, because they demonstrate adaptability to varied conditions by keeping some blooms in reserve while also giving those same trees the possibility of setting early apples had the conditions remained favorable. That is something which might have been beneficial for ripening before the worst of our summer heat and pests arrived.

Just my thoughts on what I’ve seen during this interesting season.


Cat, I was writing my response before this one and left my room and posted it after all of this went down without seeing your response. I agree with Clark that Amadioranch is a very nice guy and generally a very positive force here.

There is a lot of bad history pertaining to the climate change topic here.


It’s interesting you brought that up because I had a pear and a grape last year that both actually produced a second crop. The second crop pears were only as big as quarters but actually ripened up in December. The seedless concord in not seedless here but always produces two crops one which is small in the fall and one which is large in the summer.


I feel anxious about the early warming too. I watch the fruit flower buds every day. In my Southwest Washington State garden, I think we are at least a month ahead.

Swelling buds to show some pink - Toka, Hollywood, Methley plums. Sweet TreatPluerry flowers almost open.

Hyrid plums - slight swelling.

Most peach buds are fuzzy white.

Slight swelling - some sweet cherries.

Maxie hybrid pear - very swollen buds. Asian pears, slight swelling buds.

Most apples, Euro plums, Euro pears, pawpaws, tart cherries, mulberries - not even started.

Figs so far barely swelling.

Persimmon buds, slight swelling. Asians, but Americans, just tiny trees, not swelling yet.

If I had the energy, I might cover some trees with something reflective or white to slow their progress. I have some container trees I am kerping North of the house to slow them down.

One readon I like having a diversity of trees is hoping some do well in years that others dont.


John, I have the exact sitch here in Newport. Its pretty though, I cannot wait until it melts! I wanted to prune today. No way! Our snow on the trees is starting to drip!