Strange weather - Will it get our blooms and fruit?


Kansas has been a Yo-yo with temperatures yesterday that were 65 degrees F and by last night temperature dropped 30 degrees with a front that came through. It snowed on me last night lightly and the wind chill dropped enough to make it feel like 5 degrees. Today will be back up to 40 but Saturday , Sunday, and Monday will be back up to 56,63,&65 degrees!


I left Kansas City Wednesday and it was very nice compared to the wet nasty we have here in Ohio when I got back.


that same front is just hitting us now. dropped from low 30’s to 19 right now. going for -4 tonight. was nice while it lasted.


Clark, I think you mean wind chill, not windshield. :slight_smile:


windshield factor?


Snow today and 70s this coming week. Strange is right!!


Lol yes I meant wind chill. I updated the post.


54 degrees tomorrow and down to 23 degrees on Monday and snowy. Strange weather for sure.



Yeah, that’s when the wipers are frozen to the glass


Here’s a few more pictures.Everything is budding now except for my Kieffer, Leconte and Flordaking peach…they seem on the verge but not quite there. maybe this week. my unknown peach/nectarine is showing not signs of waking up just yet, but it was slow to leaf last year.

Pinapple pear, next to the Dorsett it’s the largest fruit tree I have, looks like I’m going to see some fruit off it this year…if I can keep it from the squirrels.


Beautiful flowers! Can’t wait for mine to bloom. But hopefully not too soon.


My apricot and small leaves on my prunus rootstock. 60s and 70s for the next 10 days.


Oops, an extra picture got in there. I’m starting some peppers and using a steam pipe for the bottom heat.


Its crazy warm here in NC 7B with two days of record breaking high temps for February along with lots of warmer than normal temperatures. The SHB are starting to bloom and the peaches are not too far behind.

Perfect set up for significant fruit loss from the big freeze when it comes.


Red navel orange. I’ve never seen anything with this many buds…it looks like it’s going to burst…


Thankful for the moisture. It did come as ice.


Seventies and 80s as far as the ten day forecast can see. This is the year of the grey, damp but very worm February. Lord, please protect my trees from disease! The climate is soooo different from when I was a kid. We always had at least some cold weather in February in the 70s, 80s, and early 90s. Looking at records getting over a thousand chilling hours was almost a given for Statesboro, Georgia until this decade. If weather stays as predicted, we likely won’t break 900 hours this year even with the cool but certainly not record breaking January. That means, counting this winter we broke 1000 hours three times in the past 8 winters. Anyway, Winnie is in full bloom now. As usually Granny Durden is a little behind with a few open flowers. Southern Bartlett and Acer’s Home will have some flowers open by the end of the day tomorrow. I imagine.


Several of my pears and all my mature plums are in full bloom now.

Granny Durden Pear on the left and Winnie Pear on the right. Both are 60+ year old trees and probably seedlings. Granny Durden is a good soft pear. Winnie is a great crunchy but not hard one. God bless.



Because of the shorter winters in the south over last ten years, I’m starting to plant or graft low to mild chill varieties only. I’m preparing for more short winters in future so I have stop planting 800-1000 chill trees (which are still recommended by local extension office). I guess I will see if this was correct decision in about 5 years. Hope someone will develop a series of low chill; late blooming stone fruits - similar to Babcock Peach.


We’re near each other if you are in GBO. Hi!

Yeah, it looks so rough :frowning: We’re so warm so often since after the 1st week of Feb, I’m hoping it’s just an early spring. That has to be possible sometime.