Strawberry growing

Anybody growing strawberries this way? Interested in the plus and minus of it.

In a gutter?

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I am growing some that way.
The good thing is,there are less pests,but they need more watering than in a pot or the ground. Brady

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I believe @mrsg47 is!

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I don’t grow in gutters but grow many in pots, and as Brady said they need more watering, they do extremely well in containers. Mine in containers flower a little earlier. They are full of flowers right now.
These are three years old.

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I think I’ll put up a bunch and hook up a hose to spray them.i know I’ll forget or not get a hose unless I have a set up one. This first batch just came out of some ones overgrown yard.

Johnthecook, yes I’m using the gutter strawberry method and this is my first year. Funny, just 20 minutes ago I picked a few pints and have them in the refrig to chill. I have had bird issues of course, and need to net them next year, but have found that the plants are healthy, productive and no insect pests. The gutters do need watered every 2 days or so, but mine are within easy reach of a rain barrel so it’s no problem. I did go back and mulch them with woodchips to more consistently hold moisture. Greg

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Chips are a good idea. I’m going to Hang netting off of the top of my blueberry bush cage where I’m hanging them.

So the hardware cloth is for the bberries, not the strawberries?

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Yes with the mild weather I caged my blueberries. Hopefully it keeps out the birds.

The problem I foresee with this method is in periods of unseasonably cold weather, like now. Perhaps warm water might help.



:yum: Is it MdB?


I opted to build “gutters” out of cedar fencing. It provided a little more room for the roots.



In containers I put them in the garage. In these set ups if you have a cold winter, they are called strawberries, for a reason! Cover with straw! Or pine straw. I try to use pine straw, I like it better, although I don’t always have it.

What a difference a year makes, John. A little over a year ago I asked almost the same question because I was considering planting them in gutters. It was one of my very first questions, and I had no responses.

Here it is a year later, and LOTS of photos! I wound up opting to put mine in the ground because of lack of available information. It all worked out well, though. One of the two areas where I planted them has wound up growing strawberries better than I thought was possible anywhere, not just here.


Yes I’ve grown them in ground, it just ends up being food for birds and bugs. I just give up after a while. Gets over grown ect. Hopefully this will be cleaner to do.

Those look nice and I like the extra space. I guess I could of bought some long planters maybe I’ll buy some for the lower part of my strawberry sett up.