Strawberry hybridizing experiment


I thought I post some of my hybrids.
Strawberry are not my favorite „fruits“(technically the term fruit is not accurate).
But in the winter when everything goes dormant strawberries perfect for experiments if it should also have „fruits“
In December I move them in the house under light and few weeks later they start flowering again and compared to other „fruit“-plants they grow fast from seed to fruit producing.
Plus the Fragaria species is easy to hybridize even with some related non-Fragaria plants.

If you are disappointed about supermarket strawberries there are species which are an aroma explosion compared to supermarket strawberries for example the musk strawberry or Fragaria Vesca etc. But the fruit is smaller.

I could bore you with many strawberry pictures, but many of them look almost the same as one of the mother plants.
But I strictly use only female flowering strawberry and only different species pollinator in one room that now mean fly goes sucking from one flower to another.

Here some fotos from my freakiest one, hybrids between the genus Fragaria and Genus Potentilla

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Which Potentilla species did you use?

I have to check I wrote somewhere down. In the foto before I accidentally took the false „Potentilla“ leaf

Here is one earlier foto, flowering