Strawberry leaf blight

I am looking for the best way to manage strawberry leaf blight. I am trying to avoid removing my Jewel strawberries because they are probably my favorite (juicy, floral, sweet). Does anyone have a good way to manage it?

Alternatively, does anyone recommend and equally delicious resistant varieties? I have Malwina but the flavor pales in comparison.

My favorite strawberry by far is Albion. Next is probably Seascape. The only June-only bearers I know are pass along so I don’t know the varieties.

I don’t do anything for disease with these. I also don’t really get crops once the real heat sets in in late summer, when the leaves are very ugly! But May/June are really easy with those two.

Assuming it is phomopsis, getting rid of infected plant parts (leaves, runners, but not necessarily plants) and adopting cultural practices that allow air circulation and light penetration are your first moves. After that is eridicant fungicides.