Strawberry seedlings and frost tolerance

I started some alpine and Sarian strawberries over the winter and have been putting them outside on my patio over the past week. They are still in small containers (yogurt cups and 2" pots). I’ve been bringing them in if it looks like frost is possible. Can I just leave them out now even with a light frost? I’m already shuffling all my potted figs. I wouldn’t mind taking the strawberries off the shuffling list if they’ll be ok.

They should be fine. My strawberries have been actively growing for the past few weeks despite several nights below freezing. No harm done.

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I’ve got mine covered in Agribon and they are already flowering. I’ll have strawberries weeks before the local pick your own place does.

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Alpines are zone 2-10. I grow them in the shade on the north side of my home. Admittedly they are protected from frost out to about 18" from my home by the roof overhang and any thermal leakage from the block wall.

Thanks for the responses. It looks like I should be ok leaving them out for now. My in ground strawberries seem to be growing nicely, and a couple are even flowering. My concern was whether the new containerized plants would be ok since they are not buffered by the ground temperatures. My current plan is to leave them out and just slide them closer to the house and/or throw a sheet over them if the temps are going to drop much below freezing.