Strawberry woes and fixes

Try ordering from Scenic hill nursery, they are out in Salem, OR and carry berries for reasonable prices.

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Anyone need some vesca’s

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uh yes!

mine are perking up some after a good rain, some fish fertilizer. I moved a few into the sun too, just to see.

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I’m getting about 1.5lbs every 2-3 days but I’m not always around to pick them. I have never fertilized this patch but I read everbearings should get around 1lb 10-10-10 every year per 100sq ft (at least in my area). Some berries are a bit small but I attribute that to not having fed them and some pressure from nearby grass. Hoping the fertilizer application I am doing later in the week will not affect flavor as these are quite tasty.

Mine are full sun so that might help a bit but make sure to keep on top of mulching to avoid competition. Maybe top up on woodchips if you have em around. I think 10-10-10 is less than 50 cents a lb at a lot of places so maybe worth it to throw down the requisite amount as it wont break the bank. I just bought 30 crowns on clearance of pineberry/something else for $4 at walmart. Maybe your climate is different but around here theyre getting rid of stock at lots of stores so maybe be on the lookout for bargains at chains.

Mine are albion they seem to be well regarded for everbearings. The offer still stands I can send you some plants if you want to try them out.