Strawbery spray schedule?

Growing two varieties of strawberries in NW Ohio, Jewel and Flavorburst, have had problems with thrips and some small black beetles in the past and some leaf spot, does anyone have a good schedule for home-growers? Thank you

Is it “Flavor Fest” Strawberry? Jewel is June bearing, so I’m guessing the other one is as well? OSU has an article on it that looks pretty good. Pre-bloom spray and a spray after petal fall. Beware of thrips on strawberries | Specialty Crops Newsletter
If they both bloom at about the same time you could do both at the same time, if they’re staggered a week or two or something (I haven’t seen strawberry bloom charts), then do split applications.

thanks for the reference, it is flavor fest, yes, it is June bearing. Thrips were a big problem in NW Ohio a few years ago