Stressed Fig

I up potted this fig cutting probably 2-3 weeks ago and have had it sitting in partial shade most of the time. When the day starts to warm up, the leaves start drooping pretty severely.

I’m thinking it is either from too much water or maybe it’s just struggling a bit from transplant shock. When the temps cool down overnight, the plant seems to perk back up. Right now the highs are in the mid 70’s and lows are mid 40’s, so nothing that extreme.

Any suggestions or feedback? Should I just keep this in full shade for a bit and we if it recovers?

I had one that did that a year or two ago.

I could not keep it in my full sun location… or it would do that same thing. In my case I had to put it on my back porch for a few weeks (morning sun only) and baby it a while… it eventually recovered and made it back to full sun.

Good luck !


Why do you think it might be too wet? It looks too dry. It’s really past the transition stage from water causing rot while rooting to needing more water to feed a bigger plant.

If it had a fully rooted out rootball, before up potting, then it may be too dry.

If it didn’t have a fully rooted rootball, then it could be damage to the roots from up potting.

How many times have you watered it since up potting? Minimum would be 2-3 times per week.


If it was my fig and started wilting in full sun I’d definitely let it get morning sun only, of filtered light through a tree or use a shade cloth. But I’d also be checking that water as Fruitnut said. You can get a cheap probe that will tell you if it’s got too much or too little h20. Might as well get the one to check soil ph if you do.

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I agree that the soil does look dry in that photo. It is mostly the top half inch or so that is dry. The bottom of the pot is still pretty moist. I made my own soil mix and was concerned I didn’t use enough perlite for drainage.

I think it’s likely that I should have waited longer for more roots to form before up potting. It’s hard for me to say, as this is my first time rooting cuttings. But I wouldn’t say the 4x9 pot was full of roots.

I certainly have not been watering 2-3 times a week. So I will try watering a bit more and see if that helps. This one is black manzanita. I’m hoping it will hang in there.

Initially all that needs water is the 4x9 rootball. That dries out while the new media with no roots can be wet. Once it roots in better water frequency can drop. At least until the leaf growth catches up.


I think it’s the sun, but I think it’ll be fine. Looks like the old leaves are the only ones that droop, likely they can’t take the sun because weren’t hardened off. However the new leaf that likely came out once in full sun is standing firm, I think you’re over the hardening off period with the new growth. Also a bit of more water likely won’t hurt it.

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Good advice above. My comments, possibly repetitive:

  1. It looks dry. Water it daily. Adjust the amount, if necessary, but water it daily. If the soil mix drains (i.e., water seeps out the bottom), it’s almost impossible to overwater.

  2. It would benefit from less sun (less transpiration of water out the leaves) until the roots are better established. You’ll know when it is no longer wilting. :slight_smile: So yes, full shade for a week or two.

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Thanks everybody, I appreciate the feedback. I will water more frequently and probably move it into more shade for a bit while I monitor it over the next week.

The next big challenge will be whether I can keep the black fig fly from destroying all my fruit. So far they are winning the battle :disappointed:.

In my experience, plastic pots (specially black) under the sun are not good for the roots, they get way too hot. I’d either use a fabric pot, clay pot or put it in the ground.