Strike out words, other typo tricks?


How do you put a line through or strike out words on here? Any other useful tricks you know of?


I used the html <del>tag:


In general markdown, bbcode, and html markup can all be used. Markdown has no strike-out so you have to use html or bbcode. Using html, type <del>bad</del> to get bad.

For nearly all the things you need, markdown alone will work. And it is very simple. Here is a page with all the basic Markdown commands:




Also, I just figured out yesterday how to find an “advanced” tutorial with some more tips and tricks. Go to your messages and find the one from the system when you signed up (from discobot).
Then reply with “@discobot start advanced user”
This will start the tutorial, which discobot walks you through. I learned a few tricks that I may or may not use.


Ha. I just triggered the tutorial again in my messages by typing that.


Thank yall this is nice!! :slight_smile: