Stump Grafting

Will be bark grafting some 6 to 8 stumps… Should I nail scions in with brads to prevent blow out? (I plan to install support sticks) Plus wrap the scions to trunk? What is your favorite material to wrap around the scions and trunk?

Last year I used black electrical tape but was not happy the way it stuck to bark when I tried to get it off in July. I have a vinyl tape and freezer tape. Not sure how you tie off the vinyl tape, have watched videos, still a bit of a mystery. Not sure freezer tape is strong enough.


I just did 20 Asian pear bark grafts a couple days ago. First you tape a 2 to 3 inches of the sticky side together then wrap it around the union and go one more layer of the sticky side over the first layer. No bark stripping here when time to remove the tape. It take you less than 2 second to tape the sticky side to itself.


Thanks Tony. Will try. Great idea.