Subtropical: Citrus Graft Compatibility/Incompatibility charts

I dug out some old notes upon the request of other rare fruit growers in other forums, so might share it here as well.

Graft Compatibility/Incompatibility charts for citruses. The first on is from UC Annual Reports, the next 4 are from Dr. Bitters’ unpublished manuscript.


Joe, i now have 3 Thong Dee pomelo’s growing, growing pretty decent. Thanks again, Bob.


Meiwa kumquats are incompatible with most rootstocks.

Any idea what we should typically expect when Bitters wrote “short life” (Table 12, footnote C)?

I budded an Oroblanco to an Lisbon lemon stock. I did that on the lemon tree which I’d guess is >10 years old (graft only about 4?) and on an airlayer of the lemon tree which is now just over 1 year old (counting from when I cut the air layer off the mother tree).

The one on the mature tree has fruited, although fruit has been mediocre (think the climate is too cool to sweeten). The airlayer is looking healthy but too small/immature to learn much from.

Curious when these might decline given that note from Bitters.

Lemon is a landrace hybrid of Citron x Sour Orange (many times over).

Sour Orange is a landrace hybrid of Mandarin x Pomelo (many times over).

Oroblanco is triploid hybrid cultivar of diploid Grapefruit x tetraploid Pomelo.

Grapefruit is a landrace hybrid of Orange x Pomelo.

Orange is a landrace hybrid of Mandarin x Pomelo.

So you are asking about grafting
((Mandarin x Pomelo) x Pomelo) x Pomelo
Citron x (Mandarin x Pomelo).

Check the compatibility of Pomelo onto Citron.