Sucker Branches?

I have a 3 year old lemon tree, either Eureka or Lisbon. I never did much pruning to it until recently. I’ve noticed that the branching near the base is very strange to me and am not sure that some of these are suckers. I can’t tell where the initial graft was. Wondering whether I should cut some of these. Any thoughts? Thanks!

If you posted a picture, it’s not coming through and I tried a couple of different devices. Please post a picture and show us the base of your tree. Someone may be able to identify a graft line. Some varieties of Lemon, particularly Eureka, are often sold on their own roots, which are generally sufficient for the tree.

I had a large sucker pop up on my pixie tangerine tree and it was from above the graft line. I saw it early last week, poking straight up near the back of the tree. 2-3 days later, it was leaning over as it had grown so quickly and could not support its own weight. Many suckers and water sprouts are weak and will not support a strong fruit set. They take energy away from the rest of the tree. I didn’t completely prune mine away, which I believe is the conventional wisdom, but I pruned it back by half. I’m going to wait and see what it does before removing it completely.